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our terminals

Authorizenet can be used as a virtual terminal or used with a shopping cart.

The Ingenico ICT220 is an emv chip card reader. It can be setup with a landline or a dsl line. $195

The VX520 has a built in pin pad to accpet debit cards. It is a chip card reader and can be setup on a landline or dsl line. Can accept Google and Apple Pay. $195

The micros pos is a point of sale system used by large restaurants and retail loacations. Easy to use and customizable for your food products or retail location. $1395

A swiper for your phone is a good option if you are in a mobile type business. $20

The CLover or Talech POS system's are very good for smaller restaurants and retail locations. $1295

The Ipad with swiper. A very inexpensive way to have a professional look. $20 (swiper only)

The Ingenico with external pin pad. Hand the pin pad to the customer to input their pin number. $395

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